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Conquer stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed with our Coping with Stress workbooks and Live Mindfully Line.

Our Coping with Stress workbooks have four simple questions that assist in evaluation, resolution and pragmatic thinking.

The answers are usually within us.

Our Live Mindfully journals are blank for you to capture and preserve your memories.


Live Mindfully Journals


Stress Workbooks

Our Testimonials

I love my planner I’ve had it for a few months now. It helps keep track of my business expenses and goals on a monthly bases. I usually lose track of my expenses which could also help me during tax preparation. I love the affirmations reminders and self care something we all forget to do! I keep track of my clients’ emails and phone numbers. Comes very handy because I recently lost all my client contacts when transferring to a new phone but luckily I wrote it all down on my planner. All my business and personal appointments and also little notes to remind myself to do etc. Things you wanna write down quickly where you just don’t wanna open up a phone to do it. When your phone is out battery a planner is your go to!

Renlysa Menn
Founder of Healing Suite Massage, RENLYSA LLC