Pain Tracking Journal

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Electronic version of their journal to record all appointments and treatments

We know the most important part of your client’s case is their deposition.  It’s the time when the insurance company evaluates them, determines the value of the case and even determines whether they want to go to trial.

How many times have you had the frustrating experience during your client’s deposition preparation where they couldn’t remember the names of their doctors, MRI facilities or even their surgeons?

How much more focused would your deposition preparation be if you had a fool proof system to give to your clients to ensure that they would accurately record all their doctor visits, all their pain complaints and all their surgeries?

How much more value would be added to the case if your clients came into their deposition as accurate and credible historians of their medical treatment?

You don’t have to worry about this anymore. We can provide you with a solution that ensures that every single one of your clients will be able to accurately track all of their medical complaints and their medical treatments.

This journal is exclusively for Attorney and Client Communication, not to be exchanged or shared with any third parties.

When they come to the deposition to be prepared you can actually prepare them to testify. You don’t have to waste time going over their medical treatments.

Our fool proof method has worked for many attorneys and it can help you also. Please respond to this by filling out the order form and we will send you the beginner sample package that includes 5 Complete Pain Tracking Journals (6 months).  Contact us for bulk pricing. 617-710-8263.

Special Introductory rate of just $49.99 and $6.99 shipping. 5 journals. (Customization fee of $97 waived)

We have been helping attorneys throughout the Northeast make sure that the value of their cases are maximized and their client’s stress level at the deposition is reduced because they don’t have to worry about remembering all of their doctor and medical appointments.

“Contemporaneous documentation of pain can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful recovery.”

Edward A. Prisby, Trial Attorney and Partner

Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, LLP

You can make this easy for your clients.

You can Increase the multiplier on the settlement with the Pain Tracking Journal™ without doing more work. Give your clients an organized system to document their pain all in one place.

Check List of documents for them to have available

Tip sheet with ways to make it easy to do your daily entries.

The PAIN TRACKING JOURNAL™ is the perfect documentation system.

Here is a fantastic introductory offer for you:

5 Custom Pain Tracking Journals™ $49.99 offer. Includes customization fee.

This package includes:

5 Pain Tracking Journals™

Each journal will include an access code to Video instructions to teach the client how to successfully fill out the journal step by step.

Also Included:

Check List of documents for them to have available

Tip sheet with ways to make it easy to do your daily entries.

Each Journal has Easy self-explanatory daily prompts to fill out and record:

6 Months of Tracking (120 pages coil-bound)

Body Chart to Indicate areas of pain

Pain Type

Pain Level Recording

Pain Duration

All Doctor or Physical Therapy Appointments

Medications Taken

Activity Difficulty

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

These journals include all the pertinent information that lets the insurance company know that our client has a vested interest in the outcome.

This is not for the attorneys that operate on a wing and a prayer. This is for the attorneys who want to do the best for their clients, and get repeat business.


If you’re not completely happy with this easy system to get your clients ready for their deposition simply contact me for a full refund within one month of placing your order.

P.S. You spend thousands on getting more leads. Invest in an easy to use system that will help you streamline your business by getting your clients to do the work and record their pain and suffering, to gather their own evidence!

P.P.S. This package is less than the cost of one billable hour. If you could increase just one more settlement, isn’t it worth it?

Let your clients work for themselves and complete this journal to get the settlement they deserve.

Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions at 617-710-8263. If you would like more than six journals please contact me for special pricing.

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